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Nathaniel Chapman

I have been working with JAMO on various musical projects for over four years now. We have recorded, written, produced, and played live together on many occasions. He is very knowledgeable in many technical aspects of music. His particular strength is his knack for production and editing, but he is also a consummate songwriter, guitarist, drummer and vocalist. As well as this, in professional situations such as gigs or recording sessions, he has always been courteous and efficient.

Tia Jackson

JAMO has exceptional skills in song craft, performance and production. It has always been an absolute pleasure to work with such a creative mind, and I continue to look forward to his future compositions

Spencer Cox

I have worked with JAMO on several occasions and would strongly recommend working with him. He is a multitalented musician with great amounts of skill in production and performance. Very excited to hear his future releases.

Mike Coumas

Very professional and laid back recording atmosphere. Would one hundred percent work with JAMO again, very confident and swift knowledge of music engineering.

Abbie Reck

Working with JAMO is both an enjoyable and incredibly successful experience. JAMO is a true professional and is highly skilled. He has an ear for perfection and knows how to take projects to the next level. He is also highly knowledgable and works collaboratively and efficiently to achieve amazing work. His dedication and passion is undeniable, I would not hesitate to recommend working with JAMO.

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