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Late Nights - EP

Released - 30/07/2021

JAMO's first multi-song project: Late Nights EP. Following on from the lead single Late Night, the EP brings forward 5 colourful Indie-Pop tracks written all in the... Late night.

Track Order:

Dream Girl

Late Night

Clockwork Interlude

What's Real?


On all streaming platforms now! Thanks for the support

Late Night

Released - 11/06/2021

Late night is an Indie-Pop anthem. It gives life, it give such feel good energy! Everything is better in the late night.

"JAMO brings through an indie-pop colour and confidence that lights up the room. Late Night is a smooth and subtly catchy single, a strong introduction to the upcoming EP, and a fine display of poetic reflection and musical embrace from the artist."


Released - 02/03/2021

Sexaphone is a groovy house track, filled with good vibes and amazing sax impro that is perfect for chilling out to! The track focuses on the ideal mindset: throwing away the judgement and opinions of others and doing what you want to do in life. Positivity all the way. The song is JAMO’s sexiest tune, with the smoothest music featuring sax solos from an award-winning musician.

Leave It All Behind

Released - 29/01/2021

Leave It All Behind is JAMO's most chilled out single. "Chilled out, sexy vibes", this track is a unique style of ambient house. In this track JAMO outlines a feeling of running away to move onto better things, leaving behind the past life. The vocals are accompanied by smooth keys and bass groove. Leave It All Behind is the perfect song to kick back to and chill out.

Leave it all behind Artwork.png

Are You Down

Released - 27/11/2020

JAMO appears on Are You Down as a feature collabing with the legend Colin Jay. This is a house rework of the classic 'Down' by Jay Sean. Colin Jay is an incredible DJ & Producer from Stevenage, who is known for iconic house remixes and originals. Are You Down features Colin's unique house sound along with JAMO's stunning vocals, which made this track a radio favourite!

Are You Down Colin Jay.JPG

Natural Disaster

Released - 16/10/2020

Natural Disaster is a fiery Alternative-R&B track. This track is an electronic masterpiece with a booming 808 bass line and experimental percussive elements. The vocals address an intense relationship, a natural disaster.

Up All Night Artwork.jpg

Up All Night

Released - 03/07/2020

Up All Night was JAMO's debut release along with artist LAWZ, as his debut single too. This track was an iconic summer 2020 track for the local scene. Up All Night is a Pop-House track with a huge hook and tropical texture that creates an ultimate summer vibe! JAMO and LAWZ are close friends and studied music together at uni. LAWZ is a top Producer & DJ who JAMO collaborates with regularly. This will not be the only release from these two artists...



Released - 05/06/2020

Habitual is an acoustic cover of the amazing Justin Bieber song. JAMO released this track as his first cover on all platforms. It is a unique take on the original track with just vocals and acoustic guitar. 

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